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Subaru Auto Repair: Then and Now

The Japanese car manufacturer known as Subaru first came to life in the automotive industry in 1953. It wasn't until 1968 that America was introduced to Subaru, but it was known that Subaru prided itself on its innovative engineering. The first model sold in the United States was the Subaru-360, a car that was marketed as being "cheap and ugly", but still had the phenomenal engineering that a Subaru was known for. It took Subaru some time to break through into America's car industry, but once it caught momentum, there was no looking back. Sales began to skyrocket and awards from the American Automotive press started to tally up. Subaru's engineering continued to excite customers and they soon became known for their design prowess after struggling in the beginning. Awards continue to pile up to this day, as Subaru continues to do what it does best: make safe, practical cars that exhibit exceptional performance features. Whether you're looking for an off-road specialist or an everyday commuter, Subaru is certainly an automaker that will fit all your wants and needs! 

Subaru's Best Makes & Models

Subaru had a plethora of exceptional makes and models that are no longer available, so here we are going to highlight a few that made Subaru who they are today.

Subaru 360

The Subaru that started it all in America was the 360. This Japanese Kei car was a class of minicar that was designed to slide under certain tax rules in Japan. The small, lightweight design of the car didn't meet safety standards, causing its demise, but gave Subaru a learning lesson about what was needed to survive and then thrive in the automotive industry. Jennifer's ASE Certified Technicians can repair your Subaru 360! Click here to schedule service.

Subaru Leone 

Also known as the Subaru Loyale, Omega, and L-series, this Subaru was widely popular from 1971 to 1994. It was known for its four-wheel-drive optionality, all-weather capabilities, and the classic EA boxer engine that Subaru specialized in. Its downfall wasn't due to it being a bad car, rather new models being released that improved on the Leone's capabilities. Jennifer's ASE Certified Technicians can repair your Subaru Leone! Click here to schedule service.

Subaru BRAT

Sold from 1978 to 1994, the Subaru BRAT introduced a design that wasn't familiar to the brand. This coupe utility vehicle was designed to meet the demand for smaller trucks in the United States. The BRAT was known for its four-wheel-drive optionality that wasn't widely available in small trucks and its T-top split roof. The BRAT's production seized as customers soon wanted bigger, more powerful trucks. Jennifer's ASE Certified Technicians can repair your Subaru Brat! Click here to schedule service.

What Subaru Offers Today

Subaru continues to be one of the top car manufacturers as they offer a wide variety of models with exciting features. Here are all the 2020/2021 models offered by Subaru today:

Subaru Impreza

The Subaru Impreza has been a staple of Subaru since 1992. The longest-lasting vehicle in its class, the Impreza boasts active protection and remote services, high comfortability and connectivity, and tons of accolades to prove it. The Impreza is one of the safest and most reliable sedans on the market, making it one of the most popular choices from Subaru's line-up.

Jennifer's ASE Certified Technicians can repair your Subaru Impreza! Click here to schedule service. 

Subaru Legacy

This midsize sedan manufactured by Subaru combines luxury and affordability. The Legacy gives drivers peace of mind with safety features that include Standard Eyesight Driver Assist Technology and Subaru DriverFocus Distraction Mitigation System. The Legacy is another Subaru that is built off reliable and durable engineering, all while having a large, comfortable interior with many features. Jennifer's ASE Certified Technicians can repair your Subaru Legacy! Click here to schedule service.

Subaru Crosstrek

The newer versions of the Crosstrek have been modernized, but still allows you to take it off-road. The Crosstrek has symmetrical all-wheel drive, a spacious cargo area, ground clearing capabilities, and raised roof railings, making it a perfect choice for your next adventure. Even with its adventurous capabilities, the Crosstrek still allows for great comfort and luxury with its modernized interior. It is also fitted with many safety features that are highly rated and award-winning.  Jennifer's ASE Certified Technicians can repair your Subaru Crosstrek! Click here to schedule service.

Subaru Forester

Since 1998, the Subaru Forester has been a top choice. This SUV is reliable and durable, both in the city and wherever the journey takes you. With state of the art safety features, you will always have that sense of safety when driving the Forester. Modern entertainment systems and a spacious interior will make any journey fun and comfortable. Its all-weather capabilities make it safe in any weather conditions as well! Jennifer's ASE Certified Technicians can repair your Subaru Forester! Click here to schedule service.

Subaru Outback

Arguably the most widely-known Subaru, the Outback brings has the great things you love about plus more in its newest version. With its most comfortable and modern interior yet, this Outback will be a dream to be in. The state-of-the-art safety features make the already durable and reliable Outback even safer. With the Outback's X-mode, you can practically go anywhere as it works with the symmetrical all-wheel-drive system for maximum traction and control. A new and improved version of the vehicle we all love. Jennifer's ASE Certified Technicians can repair your Subaru Outback! Click here to schedule service.

Subaru Ascent

With a 5,000 pound towing capacity and a frame made from high-strength steel, the Ascent is one of Subaru's strongest and biggest vehicles yet. It also has one of the biggest interiors as it's able to seat 7 or 8 passengers. With all the best interior features and amenities, the Ascent will allow all passengers to have a fun, comfortable ride. The Ascent's advanced safety and connectivity protects riders from any unforeseen dangers that may arise. A great car for those will big families! Jennifer's ASE Certified Technicians can repair your Subaru Ascent! Click here to schedule service.

Subaru BRZ

The Subaru BRZ gives you the feel and look of a sports car combined with the innovative engineering Subaru is known for. The BRZ is engineered for performance as it boasts a 6-speed manual transmission and automatic transmission with paddle shifters. Its quick-ratio steering and sports-tuned suspension allow for agile handling. This two-door vehicle has sport seating and a leather-wrapped steering wheel, making this car feel even more luxurious. A perfect Subaru for those who want that sports car feel and Subaru reliability. Jennifer's ASE Certified Technicians can repair your Subaru BRZ! Click here to schedule service.

Subaru WRX

The WRX is the perfect balance between the BRZ and Subaru's other sedans. It has high-performance features such as track-tuned suspension, quick-ratio steering, and active torque vectoring. It also has advanced technology such as EyeSight Driver Assist and premium audio features. The WRX is packed with a turbocharger that boosts output and response of the vehicle, giving it high horsepower and torque. A powerful car that will give the driver a thrill when controlling the vehicle! Jennifer's ASE Certified Technicians can repair your Subaru WRX! Click here to schedule service.

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